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We render services at purchase-sale of real estate objects as well as we provide legal

support of transactions in all territory of Russia


     Objects of the commercial real estate


The department of the commercial real estate has a wide experience of work with uninhabited premises and offers a wide spectrum of services connected with sale and tenancy of premises, together with search of tenants and buyers of real estate





Demand for the country real estate steadily grows today. A number of free plots in the Moscow area are reducing progressively, and the prices for them grow every year. At the same time, to have a country house today is not only prestigious, but vital, considering ecological conditions in the capital. We offer houses in Moscow suburbs located in ecologically pure areas. Our work consists in solving questions connected with purchase and sale of the country real estate in the shortest terms





The department of residential premises of the company which structure includes the highly skilled experts working in the market of the real estate more than 12 years, renders a wide spectrum of services at solving any housing questions: sale-purchase of apartments, rooms in Moscow and area; settling apart from municipal apartments, move from one place of residence into two or more and vice versa; exchange with additional payment; privatization of flats and rooms; assistance in inheritance registration; legal examination of documents on all objects of the real estate; support in real estate sale and purchase transactions; collection of all the documents necessary for fulfilment of real estate sale and purchase transactions




If you care of your health, do not want to suffer from megalopolis smog, care of your family, if you are willing to feel yourself as a confident, solid person, if you want to be in harmony with the nature, if you intend to let your children and grandsons enjoy morning dew on the grass, singing of birds, taste of wood berries then we suggest that you should use a unique opportunity to become the owner of the plot situated in a picturesque place in the suburbs of Moscow


     Foreign real estate



 Visit a site of the company of PRIME REALTY on foreign real estate. Here actual and interesting offers on sale and real estate rent abroad are presented your attention. We are glad to offer you the expertize and knowledge in the field of foreign real estate.     Search in a site of foreign real estate




 Purchase of real estate abroad is not regarded as luxury but a profitable investment of means and a possibility to enjoy an ocean view from a window of your own house. On our site you can find various real estate objects: from inexpensive apartments or houses in Montenegro to elite apartments on the Azure coast and in Monaco. Experts of our company will carry out the qualified consultation and will help you find what you are looking for. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call our managers .

                    We render a wide range of services:
     Legal and tax advice on foreign real estate purchase
     Individual selection of property according to clients' desire
     Assistance in opening of accounts and mortgage lending in European banks
     Trip organization
     Legal and tax maintenance of deals


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